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"All of our customers have achieved total satisfaction with the Empower product, which exceeded their expectations.

I wish I could say it was because of our wonderful ability to service, but quite honestly, it was the product."

Mark W. Kraus
Executive Vice President
Computer Decisions International, Inc.


All product literature can be downloaded in PDF format. A software demo, including all applications, is also available.

Financials Payroll & Personnel Distribution
Financials Payroll & Personnel Distribution

 »  General Ledger
 »  Payables
 »  Receivables
 »  Assets
 »  Purchasing *
 »  Administrator **

 »  Payroll
 »  Human Resources
 »  Administrator **

 »  Sales Orders
 »  Inventory
 »  Purchasing *
 »  Administrator **

*   Purchasing is a component of both Financials and Distribution packages.
** Administrator is a component of all packages.

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